Who We Are

The Christian Episcopal Church (XnEC) of North America is a Anglican Jurisdiction consisting of parishes in the United States (Diocese of Seattle), Canada (Diocese of Richmond), and the Cayman Islands.    Its Bishops are in the Apostolic Succession through the Right Rev. A. Donald Davies (Emeritus), founder.  Davies was formerly the American Bishop of Europe for the Episcopal Church USA, and the retired Bishop of the Diocese of Fort Worth, Texas.

The XnEC (Xn = Christian, E = Episcopal, C= Church) celebrates Jesus Christ in the traditional Anglican manner.  We use the 1928 Book of Common Prayer and the 1940 Hymnal.  Supplemental worship books include the Anglican Missal, and the American Missal. 

We recognize the two greater and five lesser sacraments.

Greater Sacraments (Holy Baptism, Holy Communion)

Lesser Sacraments (Confirmation, Matrimony, Ordination, Unction, Penance)

Following the centuries-old traditions of the Anglican Church, the XnEC upholds a male-only clergy, and requires that its clergy and laypeople affirm sexual lifestyles that are consistent with the traditional interpretation of Holy Scripture.  The XnEC upholds the ancient practice of setting apart deaconesses for ministry


Our History

The Most Rev. A. Donald Davies

The Christian Episcopal Church was founded by the Most Reverend A. Donald Davies.

A. Donald knew as a young boy that he wanted to serve God.  Unfortunately his local Episcopal priest did his best to discourage the young lad, and he was educated at a Presbyterian College and then ordained as a Presbyterian minister.

A. Donald Davies was consecrated as the fourth Bishop of Dallas, became the first Bishop of Ft. Worth, and then served as Bishop of Europe.  During his tenure in Europe he became friends with Pope John Paul II.

As a theologically conservative Bishop, Davies became increasingly concerned that the Episcopal Church in America was leaving Holy Scripture and the sacred traditions of the Church behind.  In 1992 he left to form what would eventually become the Christian Episcopal Church in North America.  Under his leadership, the XnEC has stayed faithful to Jesus Christ and the traditions of the Anglican Communion.

Bishop Davies went to be with his Savior in October of 2011.  The clergy and people of the Christian Episcopal Church in the United States and Canada will always be grateful for his vision, his leadership, and his friendship.  Well done, thou good and faithful servant. 

The Rt. Rev. Jon Lindenauer

Bishop Jon Lindenauer was the first Rector of King of Glory Parish in Auburn, Washington.  He was an Army Chaplain who attained the rank of Colonel, and served with distinction.  A graduate of Princeton, Bishop Lindenauer was a theologian and a leader who deserves much credit for the establishment and maintenance of the Christian Episcopal Church.  Bishop Lindenauer went to be with his Saviour in July of 2007.  May he rest in peace.

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